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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The DFD to Trout Nirvana

So some GA fish have now hit our DH waters.  Soon those stockers will learn hard lessons through sore-lipping and they’ll smarten up. They will be much more hesitant  to strike your flies, just like all wild trout and the more experienced NC DH stockers.

To help those of you still fairly new to the trouting game, I’ve shared my 13-step recipe for success via the drag-free drift (DFD).  Check out that “recipe to trout nirvana” in the brand new, November edition of the Angler Magazine.  


Turn to page Atlanta-4.  My column is next to that big, colorful rainbow that Jimmy wrestled from Dukes Creek on a cold December day long ago.

And you may recall our video demo of the DFD. It’s still here on our blog.


Good luck as our fall trout soon select real (or realistic) bugs drifting naturally in the current. Bring a good DFD game to these watery stadiums and you’ll score well! Call or come by either UO store if we can coach you up a bit more.

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