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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Casting Tips for Catching Trout

How about some Tuesday tips?  Let’s look at  a few casting techniques to catch more fall trout.  Here are some of UO’s favorite methods for getting our nymph rigs down to the fish without a bunch of mid-air tangles.  These brief Orvis videos are great!   Hopefully there’s a trick or two in here that will help you, too.

The first is an open loop. It will keep the double fly rig from hitting your line and rod. The second, on the end of this video, is the water load.  It’s great for tight quarters and for quick delivery back into the prime lie.


The third is the roll cast. When trees behind you block a back cast, this is your solution.  I also use this a lot when summer bluelining in rhododendron tunnels. I get on my knees, choke up on the rod handle, and shoot a caddis dry way up the pool with a tight roll cast.


The fourth is the Belgian cast. I really like this one when I’m slinging an indi/double nymph rig far upstream in a big pool and watching that bobber’s long drift back to me. It’s easy: sidearm going back and overhand going forward.


You can view all of the casting demonstration videos in our blog post (Link in bio).  Give these casts a try and see if they help you spend less time untangling and more time fishing -  and catching!

Good luck this fall. Call or stop by either UO store if our fine staff can help you further.

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