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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Hot November Trout Bugs

While the basic box of a dozen time-tested patterns is a great start for rookies, all fly anglers constantly hunt the “hot” patterns of the day. If you’d like to expand your own bug collection, here’s some help. 

Last week we inquired about your top four fly patterns for November trouting. The responses were few, but quality made up for the slim quantity. 

Well, we’re back with a lot more intel to aid our UO fans and followers. Here’s a poll of our own staff and finatical friends who regularly provide content for our weekly fishing reports. Enjoy!

UO staff:

Jimmy: parachute Adams on warm afternoons, pheasant tail nymph, pheasant tail soft hackles, prince nymph.

Jake: #14 peach egg, #12 brown girdle big, #16 soft hackle pheasant tail, #18 Mighty May baetis nymph.

Wes: Sparkle minnow, Root beer midge, Micro mayfly, Peach egg.

Israel: Root beer midge, parachute BWO, Duracell Jig, Flashback Pheasant tail. 

Caleb: I’m still learning the year round hatches after spending the last 7 in New Mexico,  but I would imagine these would be a great place to start: RS2, Griffiths gnat, Barrs emerger, Bunny leech.

Devin: 1) psycho prince in orange 2) Bugger changer in olive 3) pink size 20 rainbow warrior in low clear water 4) kreelex minnow in gold/copper size 8.

Grant: Silver beaded france fly, soft hackles- unweighted and weighted, blow torch, and peach egg. Small trout streamers can also be really effective this month. 

Joseph: Root beer midge, Peach egg, Small Leech patterns, Hares ear caddis.

Ben: Size 20 France fly, Josh Miller’s clueless caddis, purple Frenchy size 16, Silver beaded Walt’s worm size 18.

Atticus:  a wooly bugger, a twisted mayfly, Walts worm, and a perdigon nymph. 

Dredger:  a #10 brown pats rubberlegs for big water, a # 16 hares ear for decent flows, a #18 pheasant tail for slow flows and BWO stirrings, and a parachute Adams for prayers of some surface action:  A #16 as an indicator with a hook in it to float the nymph dropper and a #18 in hopes of an afternoon BWO hatch.  Watch for noses poking up in soft water along the banks!

UO’s Finatical Friends:


1. #6 Olive Wolly Bugger: dead drifted,  stripped and or swung below in the current.

2. #12 Black stonefly (pat's rubber legs/girdle bug will do): great point fly to get a dropper down. Dredge it thru the deep holes. 

3. #14-18 soft hackle (black, olive or purple and partridge:  great for fish high in the water column and great on the swing. 

4.  #14 Peach or apricot egg for the DH fish.

Splatek: Wild streams: black simulator with either a Frenchie or experience fly dropper.

Tailwater: indicator with two midges: dark color to match the water tint.

Landon: black Mohair leech, brown pats rubberlegs , size 18-20 Pheasant tail, apricot or peach egg.

Jay: I have good luck with a small simple beadhead streamer tied on a jig hook and made from marabou tail and ice dub. I tie white ones and black ones.  I also like the little pheasant tails with either no bead, or a very dull colored bead. 

RodneyRetired: Pheasant tails size 16-20, Soft Hackles Size 16, Prince size 16-20, Parachute Adams size 14&16. 

We hope you find some good intel in here to round out your own fall bug boxes.   Most importantly, fish them on a good drift.  Good luck, and share your own fish tales with us!

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