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Monday, October 10, 2022


 “Hydrotherapy.”  That’s what we called our sport decades ago. Fishing helped us clear our heads from the inherent stressors of everyday life.  It still does. We can cleanse ourselves from all concerns just by slipping into a stream and waving our whippy magic wands back and forth. And return later to real life with renewed optimism and vigor.

Well, by golly, it’s true! Fishing does help with our psychological well-being. Check out Kirk’s Deeter’s fine article:


Today is World Mental Health Day. We hope you have a great day. But if you’re struggling a bit, pick up that fly rod. Or a phone to a family member, trusted friend, or mental health professional. Many of us in our UO family have done so. I still do.  

Why? There are many great days and tall fish tales in our future. Let’s help each other to walk through today’s shadows and reach that sunshine on our horizon. Hope is eternal. Just ask any angler! 

Have a pleasant and hopeful time on this special day.  And get yourselves a dose of hydrotherapy soon. You’ll feel much, much better. 

And that’s today’s prescription from our bunch of UO hillbillies! Tight lines, hope, and smiles to y’all.

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