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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

UO’s Hot October Trout Bugs

Last week we asked y’all for your five favorite October trout fly patterns. Thanks for your responses via our Instagram and Facebook pages. That intel will help our newer fly anglers prepare for fall action.

We thought we’d return the favor, so here are UO staffers’ top fives for their respective October trouting trips:

Jimmy: Orange Stimulator, Pheasant Tail, Pat’s Rubber Legs (Brown/Black), Prince Nymph , Sparkle Minnow(Gold/Tan)

Jake: Orange soft hackles #14-16, October Caddis Dry #14, Girdle Bug brown/coffee #10-12? Soft hackles pheasant tail #16-18, Skwala Stonefly #10

Wes: Orange stimulator, Sparkle minnow, Hotspot pheasant tail, Soft hackle partridge, Muddy buddy 

Israel: The Ticket, Blue Poison Tung, Pheasant Tail, Sweet Meat Caddis, Micro Mayfly nymph 

Caleb: I’m a big fan of small nymphs and jig streamers once fall hits. 1. Slump buster jig, 2. Zebra midges, 3. Hares ear patterns, 4. Eggs, glow bugs, etc. 5. Woolly bugger variations 

Joseph: # 14 orange stimulator, #16 bh pheasant tail, #16 hares ear caddis, #16 walts worm, #20 trout crack 

Grant: Silver beaded france fly, olive twisted mayfly, pink bead sexy Walts worm, soft hackles/ yellow or orange, and soft hackle hares ear

Palmer: soft hackles, elk hair caddis, small dark woolly bugger, pats rubber legs, prince nymph. 

Newest UO staffer Ben:
France fly, Olive walts worm,  clueless Caddis, Frenchy, and a peach egg.


#14 orange stimmy as a buoyant indicator for my dropper.

# 18 parachute Adams for skinny water prospecting and a BWO imposter.

#14 prince nymph for searching faster water.

#18 pheasant tail nymph for skinny or slow water.

# 12 sexy Walts worm (silver bead) for storm surges and a smaller version for lower flows.

Peruse the list, pick a few patterns you like, and resupply soon. Stop in either UO store if you need a little help restocking your box for some great fall fishing ahead.

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