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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Need a Bigger Boat!

Do any Jaws fans out there recall this movie line:

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat!” 

While it isn’t a flyfishing tale, it’s still a great big-fish story that y’all should enjoy.  Check out the largest lake sturgeon caught so far in GAWRD’s 20-year restoration effort on the Coosa River. It exceeded fifty inches!  The most detailed story is here:


With another story here:


Given the size of stripers, catfish, and sturgeon in the Coosa, it might be time for some of you to ask Santa for a stout saltwater rod!  Enjoy the tale and remember to immediately release and then report all sturgeon caught to WRD at 706-295-6102.  Hopefully these adult fish will start reproducing soon and bring back a self-sustaining population to the Coosa River basin.

GAWRD sturgeon restoration program history and details here:


There’s our fish story for the day. What do y’all have?

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