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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Speckulation Season

This is a great season for speckulating. Yes, the term is spelled correctly!
  Folks well-versed in Rabunite will certainly understand and apply this term. They’ll grab a short rod, a few  fluffy dries, and their best pair of wading shoes for hiking. They’ll head waaay uphill, above the barrier falls that blockade the bows and browns, and cast into the shaded, slow pockets. If they’re lucky, they’ll score on some true natives, the ones with light spots on a dark background.

Speckulation is not about numbers or size. It’s about exploration and the celebration of Mother Nature’s original gifts. Grab a topo map, a fit buddy for safety and celebration, and a short, whippy rod. Then head up the mountain and speckulate this summer in the chilly headwaters. If it’s good enough for the Rabunites, it’s certainly good enough for us.

Stop by either UO shop for a few nuggets of intel to point you in the right direction. Then enjoy the treasure that your hunt will earn you.

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