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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Not Just About Trout

Flyrodding is not just about trout. That’s especially true during summer, as our steamy days restrict trouting fans. They’re forced either way uphill to cold headwater bluelines, or way downhill to the icy winter waters discharged from Buford and Blue Ridge dams.

So now is a great time to pursue other species. Let’s label today’s UO installment as “Bream 101.”   Enjoy some biology and angling intel from our local experts, Habersham extension agent Steven and UO manager Jake.


Then recall our recent tips on poppers and droppers here:

Atlanta Fishing E-Magazine | The Angler Magazine Atlanta Edition

Also enjoy my pic and video, shot this morning, of redbreasts on their beds at a local lake.

Finally, grab your bream buster flies and supplies from either one of our UO stores, and paddle your new fly angler or yourself around a pond perimeter soon.

Watch for the pizza-pan patches of polished sand & gravel in the shallows and you’ll be in business on the bream beds.

And if some folks are still a bit young for the fly rod, hedge your bet with a spincast rod and a tube of crickets.

“Not just trout” will give you many summer smiles. From gar to bass to bream, they’re all fun, especially on a flimsy fly rod.  Good luck!

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