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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Long Rods for Hi-Sticking

Let’s face it: we fly fishers are gear junkies. We constantly enhance our arsenals to have the perfect tool for each angling “puzzle” presented. The best tools, however,  are the ones with wider application - so we can feel better about our fly shop splurges.  I’ve got one that might appeal to y’all, too: the long Euronymphing rod.

After young buck Landon put a whuppin’ on me years ago, I had to learn Euronymphing myself.  So I splurged on a 10-foot, 4-weight and it was great for bottom-bouncing tungsten nymphs in winter waters.

I liked the long rod so much, I found other uses for it - and found that it served me better than my 8.5 and 9-footers! It’s great for “sneakier” hi-sticking thru the pocket waters of larger creeks with some open tree canopy.  I dry/drop and double-dry the Tooga, Nan, Toccoa, and Luftee during spring & summer bug action.  I’ll also Euro a squirmy, Pat’s, or mop in soft eddies when those streams surge after storms. I’ll indicator-fish nymphs on perfect drifts through big Chattooga pools or long runs in Yellowstone Park waters. Finally, when the August wind isn’t blowing too hard, that 10-footer provides a longer, drag-free serving of my Madison River hopper/dropper menu.

So, if you “need” a new tool and want a few more reasons to splurge, there you go. Try a long Euronymphing rod with a little backbone (3 or 4-weight) for extra versatility. Your lowered casting arm and shoulder will thank you.  Check out our models from Orvis and Echo. They’ll put you in the hi-stick game without breaking your bank. And a long rod might just be a great Mother’
s or Father’s day gift for the your angling addict in your family.

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