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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

GADH Farewell


This week provides your last chance at some exclusive catch & release fishing for Georgia’s delayed harvest (DH) trout waters. 

On Saturday, May 15, the regulations revert to the general statewide rules and anglers can keep their legal daily limit (8 trout, but only 5 on the Chattooga due to the reciprocal fishing agreement with SCDNR).

So toss your dries now and then take your kids, armed with some nightcrawlers and Powerbait, next weekend. Turn them on to trouting with some quick success. In due time, they might get interested in flyfishing.

PS: although the DH regs end for this season, there are often fish left in those streams for weeks afterward. And, water temps permitting, several are still stocked by the agencies for weeks after DH season.

Why do DH regs end? It’s by design. Summer water temps limit trout survival. The DH program is used in marginal trout waters and serves two sets of customers: 1) release fans during cold weather and 2) harvest fans just before those trout succumb to warm water and a low natural food base (ever notice that May’s DH trout get skinny?).

So go soon and release,  and then return with a kid to make memories and take home supper. It’s all fun, so go have some during this beautiful spring! Come by either UO store if we can help you out.

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