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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Assembling Your Combo - Part 2

Today Hunter's talking about reels!

The next component in your perfect setup to look at is the reel. There are a wide variety of reels on the market today, and there may be several that will work for your setup. The three aspects to pay attention to is the drag system, arbor size, and overall weight.

The drag system can be sealed, non-sealed, or a click pawl style which just uses a clicker mechanism as the drag system. For most all-around setups a drag system is preferred, a click pawl style can be beneficial when fishing small creeks with small fish which don’t pull drag. A sealed drag system is great for a low-maintenance set up whereas a non-sealed system can require occasional maintenance but are typically more budget-friendly.

The arbor size is the diameter of the spool, and this determines the size of the memory coils left in your line and the retrieval rate. Large arbor reels are popular for their ability to leave less noticeable memory in your line while providing a faster retrieval rate.

The third aspect, weight, can be a major factor in choosing a reel. The goal is to find a reel which balances the rod nicely, as a reel that is too light will leave you with a tip-heavy setup that can cause fatigue after casting all day.

So what is your favorite style of reel for your setup?

Hope these tips help, and as always, come by the shop, put some reels in your hand and see how they feel to you!

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