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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

UO Fishing Report - 11/25/20

Rather than waiting til our regular Friday report, here’s some more quick intel, in case you’re off this week and can put it to immediate use.

Workforce delinquents (aka retirees) Sautee and Dredger hit the Tooga DH yesterday afternoon. Water was low (2.0 on Clayton gauge) and clear. Fishing was great and catching was good. Good is the average between fair on long stretches and great in honey holes.

Best bugs were the “legs and eggs” combo, with a mix of bows and browns fondled. No brutes yesterday. Sautee’s hot fly was the Why Me. That’s the fly formerly known as the Y2K after its honey hole mugging.  Water temp fifty at our 5pm walkout.

There’s your latest chapter in “Thanksgiving fishing with Unicoi Outfitters”. Call, email, or stop by either store if we can lend a hand. We’ll even serve you curbside, or online via our new holiday gift guide.  Stay distant, safe, and thankful this season. Good luck!

Addendum: After this post, we were asked what “legs and eggs” are.  Here’s our explanation that should help all new anglers.   The “legs and eggs” concept refers to the use of some sort of rubber leg stonefly pattern as the “legs” and some sort of egg or Y2K pattern as the “eggs”. You can either fish these together as a tandem rig, or use your favorite legs or eggs and use a smaller more natural nymph with it as a tandem rig. The legs and eggs rig with both tends to work great for freshly stocked fish, and as they begin to become more educated the legs or eggs and a smaller nymph works well to offer flies to both the naive and educated fish. Both rigs work best with enough split shot to reach the bottom and you want your indicator roughly 1.5-2 times the depth of the water to really let them sink down deep.

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