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Monday, November 23, 2020

UO Fishing Report - 11/23/20

It’s still Monday, right?  Why don’t we make this a “Cyber-Monday for Trouting Intel?” For the simple, prepaid  “cost” of your UO Facebook page follow, we’re providing this timely intel from a few hours ago.  What a deal!

A warm day and 50-degree water can create “back eddies and BWO’s.” Be on the lookout for blue wing olives! 

Remember my prior post about looking at the stream before rigging up. Today on Nan DH the BWO’s popped from noon til about 2:30. Good spots to find risers are the bankside eddies, where the slow upstream whirlpools go round and round, and keep delivering groceries to suspended fish. Many fish actually face downstream, since the eddy current is coming back in the opposite direction to the main streamflow. Enjoy the video I shot (before I caught...)

Walk the bank slowly and see what’s going on. You might be pleasantly surprised, like we were today, as bugs flittered by and fish noses poked up along the banks.  Then rig up and cast.

We caught most fish  on the small fly off the back (my #20 BWO dry and Sautee’s #16 soft hackle emerger).  But we also caught several nice fish, including wild bows, on our big first flies, used as strike indicators. I had a #14 parachute Adams and Sautee had a #10 orange stimulator, which a massive brown crushed, ran and broke off, and broke Sautee’s heart. But he has an address now...

Watch the weather report for warm days, stick your thermometer in the water, and take time to be the heron: look for fish and bugs. And you might just find a few Holiday  “treats on top,” too!

Good luck. Stay distant and safe, and thanks for your patronage. Happy Thanksgiving from the UO clan.

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