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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Double Dries!

Double your Dark30 fun with double dries. It’s that time of the year when several orders of aquatic insects are hatching and then dancing at dark.  For example, I watched cahills, March browns, BWO’s, and yellow stones buzz past me in the Monday afternoon sun.  

If you haven’t already, try giving these fish a choice, especially at dark.  Run a first dry fly that’s larger and easy for you to spot.  Then change your dropper from the nymph or emerger to a second dry fly.  Pick the two most common bugs you’ve seen, or the ones disappearing in surface swirls.  

One of my favorite combos right now is a cahill first, followed by a small tan caddis trailer.  The caddis dropper can be easily twitched and skittered, too.  Match both hatches and let the fish decide on dinner.

Give the double-dry combo a try as soon as this rainy spell passes and the bugs come back out to play. Here’s a nice Orvis video on the setup.


Have fun this spring. Stop by either UO shop to stock up on our great imposters for the “hatch of the week.”  And may you even score a doubleheader on your double dry rig.  That will really test your tippet knots and netting skill!

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