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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

I Can See You!


Hey, you lookin’ at ME?

I can see you. Your hulk may be a bit blurry, but I’ve got you spotted and I’m outa here, heading toward cover!

Trouters, don’t miss this fantastic article in Fly Fisherman Magazine.  Read the entire text and study the diagrams and pics. The result: that awesome intel will improve your future angling success.   Don’t miss the fly photo series demonstrating trout visual acuity.  Then we will all know why a parachute Adams and a Pat’s rubberlegs are so effective.


Gold nuggets like this article are common in Fly Fisherman Magazine.  If you’re addicted to the sport like we are, then consider subscribing soon.


Good luck when our cool weather trouting returns.  Some fun summer homework, like memorizing this article, will have you ready for fall success. 

Pop quiz time:  What are the four characteristics of your fly pattern that will get it more closeup inspections and inhalations?  

Study hard…

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