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Monday, June 20, 2022

Hello Summer!

Hello Summer!  It’s time to take your long, limber trout rods and aim them at some pond  bream.  Sunfish are great targets for new flyfishers, as ponds and lakes lack the current and tree canopy that complicate the sport for rookie flyrodders.  Plus, a nice school of bream is a competitive situation and encourages those critters to grab your offering before another sibling does.

Grab a 4X or 5X leader and knot a small bluegill popper to its end. Aim for some bankside cover like weeds, docks, or downed trees, which protect the bream schools from bass. When they smarten up on your popper, add a dropper. Tie 2 feet of 5X or 6X tippet to the bend of the popper hook. Then tie a small black ant, wet fly, or nymph to the free end. Let your popper be the strike indicator as the bream inhale the dropper.

Here’s a great article on bream fishing by a true master. Thanks to Fly Fisherman magazine for this blast from the past. May it help all of our new fly anglers to perfect their skills and enhance their catching confidence this summer.


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