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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Out Yonder

Jimmy recently returned from his summer trouting pilgrimage to the far West and filed this report. Enjoy!

“I spent a few days in the Yellowstone area at the end of June, hoping to catch the salmonfly hatch.  I was one week too early for the full-blown hatch but that didn't prevent me from having a good trip.  Fishing on the Madison was spotty but good.  Slough Creek was an interesting challenge as I picked a fight with one of the largest cutthroats I've ever seen there.  Over a period of almost two hours, I hooked it twice and had it refuse my fly eight times!  Never landed it.  The Gallatin was the best, and coldest, river by far.  I landed more, and larger, brown trout there this time than any time in memory.  I know the Rockies are dry fly heaven but on this day the big guys only wanted a Pheasant Tail. 


It's going to be a hot and dry summer out there this year.  If you plan to go, think about fishing early in the morning and sightseeing the rest of the day; or taking a nap.  Traveling to the NE corner of the park gave me an opportunity to see a grizzly mama and her two babies, two different cinnamon black bears, and three wolves.  So take some time to look around.  

Check with our friends at Blue Ribbon Flies for up-to-date information.

*NOTE:  First two pics are Gallatin browns.  Third pic is Madison Cuttbow.”

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