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Friday, April 9, 2021

Momma's Love (Bear Triplets)

How about a NatGeo moment for your lunchtime entertainment? Let’s call it “momma’s love.”

I’m on the Smith Creek DH trail right now for a little bit of exercise and a stream recon for today’s Unicoi Outfitters weekly fishing report. Ten minutes ago, I round a bend and freeze! A hundred yards ahead on the trail is a really big, black furball. Next to it are three tiny furballs.
Enjoy the video as Momma crosses the log with a cub in her mouth. She made three trips. This is cub #3, who waited patiently for his turn.
Now that’s some love and dedication from Momma!
I’ve already had a great fishing trip to start my weekend and I didn’t t even need a rod! May you also make memories in the Georgia woods and water during this magical month of April. Sometimes it’s not even about the fish.
Now back to my hike, with a smile!


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