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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Trophy Hunting?

Did the weekend’s big brown photos on Facebook fire you up to chuck some streamers? Congrats to Phil on his 30-inch Hooch Tailwater gator and to Joe on his 32-inch Toccoa submarine.  

Do you need a new “gun” for your arsenal to do so? Our UO “hunters” will set you up with the most versatile combo for your price range.

To cover basic trout streamers and some summer bass bugging, you might consider a six-weight outfit. It will also be good punching your hopper through the summer winds of Montana. If you plan to trophy-hunt with big, articulated streamers in rivers and lakes, you might go with a seven-weight outfit. If you want a rig to handle the biggest bugs and big fish, from trophy trout to river and reservoir stripers to marsh redfish, consider an eight-weight combo.

Call 706-878-3083 or come by our Helen store and we’ll fit the right “gun” to your trophy hunting plans. Wes, Jake, and Hunter know a thing or two themselves about tangling with trophies (pics). We simply ask for a photo or two when you score yourselves. Good luck this spring!

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