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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Eggs Over Easy

Winter weekend brunch, anyone? May I suggest some eggs? Here’s my favorite recipe, and it doesn’t get any simpler. In fact, we Rabunites call it the Oreck Easy Egg. Here’s the page from our Rabuntu.org cookbook:

1. Cut an inch-long strip of light-colored (apricot or peach) egg yarn. Split it lengthwise to make two eggs. 2. Lay one strand on top of a #12 caddis hook; lash down at strand midpoint. 3. Pick both ends of the strand straight up and wind them together as the base of a parachute post. 4. Cut the yarn about 1/3 inch up from the base with an up-across-down motion of scissors. 5. The short para post should now splay out like a mushroom. 6. Glue the thread base. 7. Pop a red dot on top with a sharpie. You’re done; fish don’t know it’s just half an egg. 8. Tie a bunch and fish them deep as your lead fly during our egg season, December thru February.

Back story: the pattern came from the first young dude I mentored, 20+ years ago. He saw it on TV, tied it, and showed me. He was a machine and the Rabunites nicknamed him Oreck for his trout vacuuming skills. He’s now known as LineManDan and chases elk and cutts near Denver. We still love his egg!
Mentor a rookie. They just might end up teaching YOU a trick or two. And enjoy your January brunch! Call 706-878-3083 or swing by our Helen fly shop if you need more help with your winter tying & trouting menu.

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