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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Dukes Creek Testimonial

This is the kind of fishing report we love to receive:

Hey guys, I dropped by the shop last Saturday morning before my friend and I went to Smith creek. We were headed to Duke's the next day and got advice from several of you in the shop. I wanted to let y'all know I really appreciate the time you took to help me out as a new angler. It makes it so much easier to learn when people like y'all are willing to help new guys like me. I promised I would send an update on how Duke's went so I wanted to follow up. We fished most of the morning in section 1. The water was clear which allowed me to see several giants spook when I went to unwrap my flies from the trees they were sitting under. After falling in the river above my head and getting completely soaked, we decided to head back to the truck for a change of clothes. We made our way down to section 4 on the bus and started making our way upstream. We each caught a few finger length bows and browns as we made our way up. At around 12:30, I drifted my squirmy worm by a fallen log just as I had done a couple hundred times earlier that day. My Thingamabobber hesitated, I set the hook, and an absolute monster was on the line. I was able to net him, and it was by far the biggest bow I have ever caught. My best guess was about 19". A few hours later I landed another about the same size, and my buddy hooked into another one like it. Even before we caught the fish this had been one of my favorite days of fishing. The river is beautiful, the water is clear, the woods are beautiful, and there are some BIG fish! Thank you so much for the guidance, and for taking some time to share your wisdom with us. It sure does make it a lot more enjoyable when we get a couple years of experience via some advice from a master. See you guys next time!

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