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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Dry Fly Switch is ON!!!

Received this report from Dredger last night.  If you can get away for an evening of fishing, now is the time to do it!

RE:  Nantahala DH

Two sizes of cahills and three favors of stonefly (lemon, lime, and some large grapefruits) filled the Andrews skies last night.  Sporadic large helicopters (aka Green Drakes) launched during daylight hours.  Whitewashed versions of the copters hovered over the riffles at dark30 (see Coffin Fly pic).

Switch was on from when I got there til 8:55pm.  Dries were best in last hour. Sure beat Monday's dark30 trip to Chattooga DH, which ran 69 degrees due to recent hot spell. Chattooga had fished great over the weekend (maxed at 65f).

My Go-to rig on the Nantahala was 14 Cahill on 5x with a 16 soft hackle hares ear three feet off the back, on 6x.  Add one size 6 dinsmore shot about 8 inches above the wet, and high stick that rig thru riffles and boulder fields.  Stay out of deep pools if you're into numbers.

All three stocked species and a bunch of wild rainbows were brought to hand.  Think I caught some small wild browns, too. Got tired of catching them, so I cut off the wet and stayed on top to gimme a break.

Almost had lifetime supply of bucktails, too. Unfortunately, they were all attached to bucks' butts.  Thank God for near misses on Wayah Road's trip home.

Go get em, folks. And watch around the curves on your drives home!

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