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Monday, November 24, 2014

Old Yellar - Eagle Claw Performs Like A Champ

Unicoi Outfitters began stocking the old traditional Eagle Claw fiberglass fly rods earlier this year with the idea that it would give anglers an inexpensive way to get into the retro glass rod movement without dropping a paycheck on a new rod.  Little did we anticipate the popularity these classics would find among folks who just love fishing the soft, slow action.  Now, along comes a competition guy who's discovered the value of the Eagle Claw action when battling big fish.  We received this report from Landon Williams: 

Enjoy the pics of putting a Eagle Claw Featherlight 7 ft 5 wt to the test at Noontootla Creek Farms for big rainbows Friday and Sunday. I was doing a 3 day fly fishing competition and NCF was a venue. Many folks in the competition were breaking bigger fish off  in snags, jumps etc. The limberness of the yellow rod was perfect for protecting tippet when those crazy fish surged but had enough backbone to turn them when I needed too. I didn't break a fish off and went 4/5 for fish over 20 inches while there and the one lost was due to barbless hooks. 

Enjoy the intense Bend in the Rod shots/ and the pictures of mentioned fish!

I did very well! Won both NCF sessions and got 8th overall.


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