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Monday, February 3, 2014

Size Matters!

Don't you just hate it when you ask someone to do you a favor and they do it so well you just never want to ever try it again in fear you'll never do it as well as they did?  So this past Friday I got in touch with Landon Williams and simply asked if he would test a new landing net.  It's call The Measure Net and I had been contacted by Jeff Abel, the owner of the company, and asked if I would accept one to try as an enticement to consider stocking in the store.  Many of you know that I've been hobbled somewhat for almost two months as my stupid broken leg heals so there was no way I was going to get anywhere close to a stream with it, much less land a fish.  So, who fishes more than anyone I know?  Landon, the guy who's getting a degree in fly fishing from North Georgia College.

On Saturday morning, I met Landon at Smithgall to pass of the Measure Net.  The sample I had received was a medium trout net.  His first reaction, "Well, you know, size does matter."  Landon, it will measure up to a 24" fish!  Just give it a try and let me know how well it performs.  As if to make a point, the following photos are of the fish Landon put in the net that day:

 To be honest, the medium is not a Dukes Creek net.  He would have been much more matched up with a large.  He did double check the measuring device in the net against a tape measure and it worked perfectly, even with the 23 incher below.

I was so impressed with the quality of the nets that I've purchased a "Guide" model for stripers.  They are very solid and the net is easily replaced when needed by simply un-zipping a zipper on it.  Very well thought out and reasonably priced.  The medium with nylon net retails for $27.

The large trout net retails for $35 with a nylon net.  My big Guide Net will measure up to a 40" fish and retails for $81.  ARGH, ARGH, ARGH!!!!

We hope to have a shipment in within the next couple of weeks.

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