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Monday, November 11, 2013

Sneaking Up On Wild Trout in Gin Clear Water

By Landon Williams

Here’s a report from Sunday, November 10th.  I hit a year round stream “just over” the mountain for me.  After dodging dozens of big trucks towing horse trailers, I hit the stream about 12:30 and the water level was really low but the good news is that the leaves are mostly gone on our headwater streams which made the fishing a little easier by not having to dodge so many while drifting flies.  The fishing itself was
actually fairly tough as the fish seemed to be more podded up in the deeper runs and pools.  If I caught one or spooked one, it would usually bust the pool and shut it down.  To make things even more challenging, an errant
cast or shadow would send them scurrying. I fished a long 12 foot leader and 6x tippet the entire time I.  The interesting thing was that many pools presented a real opportunity to sight fish.  I snuck up on a few pools and saw some nicer fish that would be hanging out in the tailouts and slow bubble lines.  If I only had a couple shots at a pool, I might as well target the nicest fish I could see.  

There were not many bugs present on the water but I did spot some blue winged olive mayflies and a couple of stray October caddis still fluttering around.  Although I nymph fished most of the time, I did pluck a couple of fish out of the tailouts on a size 20 parachute BWO, including this nice brown trout. When I fished nymphs, I mainly used a size 14 hares ear with a flashy pink collar or a size 16 WD-40. I fished a ton of water for the 21 fish I touched but it was really fun considering the low water conditions and got off the water about 3:30.  I wish I could say I was as successful deer hunting the last couple hours as I was during my fishing jaunt.

Still Wishing for Venison.

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