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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Small Stream Wonders

My friend Mark and I decided to do a little hiking and hit some wild trout waters on Saturday and we both agreed to go to our favorite.  So, for about 4 hours that afternoon, we leap-frogged each other up the mountain, stopping now and again to compare notes and rib each other about our slow reflexes.  When you're targeting little wild rainbows, you'll miss many more than you catch.  At least at our age you do.  They'll appear from nowhere in the blink of an eye, sample your fly, spit it out and disappear before my aging brain even registers "Fish!"  It's just one of the reasons I get such a kick out of it.  When I do fool one and gently bring it to hand, it's like tickling a baby; I just can't help but chuckle.

On this particular trip, both Mark and I were hoping we would each have another rendezvous with what we consider a true trophy fish for this stream.  On previous trips, he and I have both done the dance with a good 12 or 13 inch rainbow.  Mark's dance was successful.  Mine was simply a glance over the shoulder that I replay in slow motion when I close my eyes.

Most of the afternoon I was fishing an Adams Trude (easy to see that white wing!) and Mark fished a size 16 Tan Caddis the entire time.

But today it was all fish in the 4" to 8" range.  We aren't complaining at all.  These fish are why we do this.  The trophies are simply something to talk about for years to come.  We didn't even take a picture of a fish on this day but I think you can tell from these photos what the attraction is.  What a wonderful place!

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  1. I used to love chasing little wild fish. The beauty and solitude keep you going back. Now I simply chase different fish in a setting just as beautiful.