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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Winston GVX Rods

Jake Darling (aka Spanky) has fallen in love...with the new Winston GVX fly rod.  It takes a lot to impress Spank so I figured what he has to say is worth listening to.

"The new Winston GVX has a really soft touch for working in tight quarters but enough reserve power to blast it out to those hard to reach places.  This may seem like blasphemy but, in my opinion, the GVX is a better rod than it's famous predecesor the BIIx at a fraction of the cost.  Winston has dropped the boron from the GVX series so it's an all graphite composite rod.  In their world, Winston classifies this as a fast action rod but they list it in their "Classic" series alongside the famous WT Trout series.

"Bottom line is that it is an extremely smooth action with enough power in the butt section to truly launch a line.  They're less than a half ounce more than the new BIIIx and that could probably be eliminated if they offered a graphite composite reel seat rather than the beautiful traditional maple insert.  It's a great rod, made right there in Twin Bridges, MT and offered at a reasonable price for such a well engineered rod."

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