Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oyster Bamboo Rod Class

I just completed the six day split class at Bill Oysters' Bamboo Rod Shop and I wish I were going in for another six. The class was an absolute blast! I can't believe we all completed our rods right on time. It seemed like there were a hundred things that could have gone wrong but Bill and Riley kept us between the ditches.  I was in awe during the whole process and I was in love with the first cast I threw with her. Becky had to tell me I couldn't sleep with it.

I spent most of the next day casting on and off for about 6 hours. The rod is incredibly accurate at close or long range and the power to rip out 70 feet of fly line is effortless.

By the time I left for home after my first day with my new best friend, I gave Becky a ring and told her to sell all the rest of my 4 weights because I don't believe I want to fish anything else for the rest of my life. I already have plans in the works for a 3 weight, a 5 weight, and an 8 weight. I think I'm bamboo crazy! Here's some pics of my new baby.

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