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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Cure for Cabin Fever

I am sure that I am not the only one that has been suffering from a reoccurring case of cabin fever for the last few months, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Six straight days on the water is just the dose of "medicine" that was needed. Finally the weather has been rather pleasant, considering what we have been through this winter, and the fishing is on the upswing as well. We spent a good bit of time on the upper Toccoa in the last week and one thing is for sure, there are a ton of fish up there to be caught. With the high water and all the poor weather, the fish have had the river to themselves for the better part of the winter. I was told Friday that the stocking truck was seen on the DH putting a truckload on top of what was already there. The wading is still tough, but the extra water has been perfect for float trips. We made three trips down in the last week including a three boat, six man assault.

Monday morning, we headed out with six guys that have fished with us quite a bit over the years for a chance for them to see something new. The upper river is definitely a different look than the lower. You float through sections that have no houses or nothing else around, it's just you and the fish. It was a little chilly when we pushed off but it was not long and the sun was up and things began to heat up. Even with three boats full hammering every inch of the river, everyone was into fish. There were several nice fish in the 15 to 17 inch range landed and then one that was 20 plus (Pictured below). As you get close to the DH section, well then it's on. All of those holes that are nearly impossible to wade are easily picked apart out of the boat. Being up high gives you a completely different look at all those places. You would be surprised at some of the little spots that hold fish that you just never see when you are down in the water. The day was a blast and the guys finished the day asking why they had never done that float before.

Tuesday morning we headed out early to the lower end of the tailwater ahead of the early generation. We were only going to get about two hours in before the generation hit so it was going to have to be quick. It ended up being quality not quantity. There were several above average fish including an 18 incher that made it to the net and a fish that was well above average that didn't make it to the net. The fish that got away gave several good runs before calming down and showing itself. It got close three or four times for a good look. And I'm just estimating, but I would say that it was at least 22 inches. After a pretty lengthy fight, it pulled one of those magic tricks and threw the hook right back at Chris.

So I say all of this because I am sure some of you are itching to get out as bad as I was. There really does seem to be a bunch of fish on the DH and they are willing to eat. The generation on the tailwater has not given as much of an opportunity to fish here lately but with that said, it may make the fish a little more willing to cooperate going into spring. It looks like as fair weather comes it's going to be a good opportunity to make up for some lost time.

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