Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The Evening Dance is Back!

The Evening Dance is back!   I shot these videos yesterday (11th) from 7-8PM on the Hooch and its  trib on the WMA.  Enjoy the egg-dropping dance of some cahill spinners and a guest appearance or two from some smaller duns that just popped up.

It’s time to check your flashlights’ batteries and your supply of #14-18 light cahill dries, hares ear nymph droppers, and maybe a few emergers, too, for evening festivities.

Here are some tips for you tyers. First, tie some cahills with dun posts and add to your supply of the white post bugs. And for your spinners, add a little orange or ginger dubbing to your cream dubbing for the abdomens.  For an easy emerger, try my recipe: cream thread, short trailing shuck of brown z-Lon or Antron, hares ear-dubbed abdomen, light cahill-dubbed thorax, and a swept wing of one or two dun cdc feathers. Dunk in a good dessicant like the products we have at our shops and trail it on two feet of 6X behind your dry (the strike indicator you can spot in the dying light).

Enjoy the start of this year’s Dark30 action. Go in the afternoon and fish your normal daytime favorites: double nymphs in depths, dry/droppers in skinnier water, or streamers to cover lotsa ground . As the sun falls, BOLO bugs and match the hatch. Right now, you might just luck into some cahills.  

Then walk out with the aid of the moon and a good headlamp.  Always have a backup flashlight in your vest or sling (don’t ask me how I learned this lesson). And maybe a coveted granola bar or Snickers.

Good luck. Stop in either UO store if we can supply you with the right stuff to celebrate spring. Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to experience an Evening Dance or three!

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